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Hunter Julo: Creative Director, Photographer, & Writer

Holly Greene: Designer, Photographer, Assistant Creative Director 

Serena Aimen: Photographer

The time we spent not kissing, burns like hell, and to regard you as rotten are painted down the fronts, backs, and sides of the Little Crush Clothes April line. Blending visual and textual elements, Holly Greene (‘22) transforms clothes through painting, drawing, and embroidery to evoke experiences of intimacy and discomfort. In anatomical hearts, eyeballs, and teeth, Little Crush seeks  the immediacy of phrases about love, closeness, and heartbreak.

Though the name suggests romance, Holly intends for Little Crush to explore and celebrate all types of interpersonal relationships. Holly creates her designs as a form of emotional processing, and sharing her work has allowed her to see how others relate to her personal experiences. Little Crush is about connection. The clothes invoke memories for all people, for friends, family members, strangers, and partners. Although the meanings and memories may vary and change for each person, the feelings of closeness remain throughout. 

Holly began painting clothes when she was tired of the items in her closet. When people around Wesleyan started asking where her pieces came from, she knew there was a desire for hand-painted clothes on campus and beyond. With this encouragement, she began to thrift and upcycle clothes to encourage people to support small businesses over fast-fashion companies. Holly is open for commissions and would love to work with people to help turn their old clothes into something that feels stylish, exciting, and personal. 

Little Crush Clothes has just begun. Following her debut launch in February 2021, Holly plans to expand her designs to shoes and other accessories, as well as to begin modifying clothes by sewing. Holly also plans to start tattooing and creating tattoo flashes of the Little Crush designs so she can share her art and feelings through a variety of mediums.