Images by Harrison Haft

Writing by Will Lee

As the weather gets warmer and the bright ambience of the spring begins to bloom on campus, Mia Risher and Dara Swan’s hand-crocheted clothes are a perfect choice for anyone looking for a vibrant pastel outfit that matches the spring colors. Created using locally-sourced materials from the Pamela Roose Specialty Hand Knits & Yarn in Middletown, this line of clothes is not only comfortable, but also fashionable for all different styles and outfits. The line is diverse within its range, containing various tops, dresses, hats, scarves, hand warmers, and purses. In particular, the yellow sleeveless dress is a stunningly unique piece that encompasses a personal touch from Mia and Dara’s creative inspiration, crochet artist Bailey Prado. 

The blue set (modeled by Neena Perez-Rojas) includes a hat and top by Dara, and a skirt and purse by Mia. Dara (in lavender) and Mia (in yellow) each wear sets of their own making.