Wesleyan University

Middletown, Connecticut

Fray Magazine was founded in January 2021 by a group of students seeking creative space and connection in the midst of social isolation. Fashion had long been a source of joy and expression amongst students, and this outlet had been replaced by a hermetic lifestyle devoid of visibility. We needed to see and feel seen again. 

Through a fluid digital format, Fray attempts to use fashion to breach aesthetic and social divides within the Wesleyan community. We amplify the work of student creators in order to foster conscious fashion choices and celebrate clothing as an artistic medium. By way of collective decision-making, Fray hopes to manifest a collaborative environment where anyone is welcome to share their opinions, ask questions, and create projects. 

We are a community of clothing designers, seamstresses, photographers, stylists, writers, illustrators, graphic designers, models, and fashion geeks. But more than that, we are people who wear clothes. Fray hopes to represent fashion's future by platforming those who are creating it, and we invite everyone to ponder: how does clothing move you and where do you go?