When I was little, I named my clothing: Strawberry beret skirt, Wolfy Skirt, and Kid-space Museum skirt-- just to name a few. I never knew why I did that. Then, the other day a friend asked me how I would describe my style and the word intention just melted out of me. I guess that is why I named my clothes. Naming them was a loud declaration that clothes are not trivial, and that clothes do something for us. Through collaboration and conversation, fashion finds its voice. 

Collaborating in Fray showed me how the Wesleyan community strongly believes that clothes are more than material goods. In COVID-19 times when opportunities to wear our favorite pieces are few and far between, Fray stands tall shouting how style is not out of fashion; it is noteworthy because it rests on humans and their stories. In meetings we ask:  How can Fray make people feel seen? What is the role it should play in campus life? 

Intention is also alive in these questions. And while the word means something different to anyone, Fray intends to be a place where folks can go to find community in fashion. I am personally filled with life knowing the breadth and depth of stories that clothes can tell. Fray is a document of those stories, and those questions. Fray illuminates the magical qualities that live in pieces of cloth.

she/her | social media

2020-2021 organizer

I transferred to Wesleyan in my sophomore year and was immediately struck by the eclectic sense of style displayed by the student body on campus. Wes students aren’t afraid to experiment with their sense of self and Fray creates a safe space for all individuals to do so collaboratively and creatively. There are so many incredibly talented individuals at Wesleyan and whether someone is interested in clothing design, photography, music etc., Fray is eager to know how fashion and personal style breathe into these various mediums. 
To me, personal style extends beyond clothes. It encapsulates our cultures, experiences, and anecdotes and I think that is my favorite thing about Fray-getting to know fellow students in a uniquely personal way. When I think about my own relationship with clothes, what stands out to me is not necessarily the items themselves, but the stories that they carry. A sweater borrowed from a friend or a coat from my grandmother’s closet allows me to hold onto the people and places I love most, which is something I find uniquely special about the act of putting on clothing. Whether someone is deeply interested in clothes or not, in my opinion, is irrelevant. Fray is not about repping labels or trends, but expressing and creating your own sense of style-whatever that may mean to you. 

I am so grateful to be part of such an amazing community of creators and I cannot wait to witness the magic that will continue to be created in Fray’s future.

she/her | clothing design

2020-2021 organizer

I was born and raised in San Francisco, and I grew up surrounded by other young creatives building space for one another despite our rapidly changing hometown. When I turned eighteen I moved to Mexico City, and found myself embedded in a new creative community where I had few existing relationships. 

Modeling became a social activity and a way to meet people: instead of “come chill” it’d be “I found these vintage kitten heels and cow print cowboy hat at the paca, come over and lemme take pics of you in them.” A friend would invite me to a party and want to dress me for it, so I’d be in the club sweating in some strappy leather contraption he’d been workshopping for his next collection.


Everything was a collaboration, and when I came back to the U.S. for school I missed that energy a lot. Fray felt like a way to ignite a liveliness and sense of community around fashion on campus, and my hope is that it offers a space for students to build the kinds of creative relationships that outlast publications.

she/her | graphic + web design

2020-2021 organizer

I remember watching my mom scavenge through colorful clothing, staring at her in awe, wondering when I would share a similar glow. Any chance I could, I'd throw on her clothing, making different stories for each layered garment. Clothes became a way to express emotions that I otherwise may not have indulged.


My relationship with clothing has always led me to explore various patterns, pairing colors and sequences that stand out to me. However, coming to college I was unsure how to continue my fashion journey in a collaborative way. Fray Magazine started as a small space of creatives, and has since grown to a community built through bonding. Within Fray, I have found a space to listen and hear the voices of many creatives. Hearing the unique background of others' relationship to clothing has gifted me with a deeper understanding of the passion that clothing inspires. What we choose to put on our bodies is constantly changing, and I am grateful to have been witness to each creator's love for clothing.

she/they | cosmetics creation

2020-2021 organizer